Development at 's College has been ongoing so as to achieve the best facilities and opportunities for our students in remote and regional Australia. Like many Australian organisations, ’s College has benefited enormously from the care, concern and kindness from many benefactors.

Development Milestone Development Milestone
1964-1965 | First buildings completed
2005 | Planning of the Bush Chapel (gifted by the late John Blaiklock)
1989 | 's College becomes a school in its own right
2006 | Construction of the Swag Chapel commences
1995 | Outback Achievers Appeal launched to raise funds for the construction of educational facilities needed to keep pace with the College's rapid growth rate
2006 | Planning of the Bruce Reid Sports Centre
1996 | Building program starts - culminating with the opening of The Minnamurra Hall in 1998
2007 | Opening of the Swag Chapel
1998 | Launch of Outback Achievers' Annual Fund
2008 | Construction of the Bruce Reid Sports Centre commenced
1999 | Opening of The John Blaiklock Wing
2009 | Construction of the Bruce Reid Sports completed
1999 | Opening of The Sitzler Car Park
2009 | Opening of the Fred McKay Museum
2000 | Planning for four new classrooms to meet urgent need for space.
2012 | Opening of the John Flynn Memorial Garden
2000 | Launch of Fred McKay Memorial Fund.
2016 | Opening of the Chris Tudor Centre
2001 | Opening of the new classrooms - 'The Pavilion'
2018 | Opening of new office spaces in the Fred McKay Education Centre
2001 | Planning Fred McKay Education Centre (funded from Fred McKay Memorial Fund). Projected cost $1.4 million plus
2018 | 's College purchases the old Alice Springs RSL site
2001 | PM John Howard dedicates construction site for the Fred McKay Education Centre
2021 | Opening of refurbished Tute block / Bridging Area
2002 | Construction of the Fred McKay Education Centre commences
2021 | Construction of new Year 12 Area
2003 | Opening of the Fred McKay Education Centre
2022 | Opening of the Year 12 Area
2004 | Opening of the Christopher Tudor Bi-centennial Resource Centre extension
2023 | Construction commences on the Discovery Centre

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