Academic Results 2023

Congratulations to Nilein Perera who placed 14th in the the NT in 2023 with an ATAR of 98.4. Congratulations also to Iris Chenhall, Rebekah Dunn, Harrison Fluerty, Evelyn Holzmann, Naomi VanDenBerghe and Lani Zander on attaining ATAR's above 90. Congratulations also to Year 11 Dux - Jake Hamidi, Year 10 Dux - Keely Hayward, Year 9 Dux - Charles Schoonover, Year 8 Dux - Elsa Chenhall and Year 7 Dux - Charlie McGrath and to the 74 students in Years 7 to 12 who received honours.

Congratulations also to the 11 students who received an ATAR above 80 and to Brodie Juffermans who is the top Indigenous student for 2023. Seven of our Year 11s also successfully completed Year 12 subjects and 11 students completed Certificate III (VET courses). There was also a 100% Employment Pathways completion rate.

Thank you to our committed and dedicated staff, and our supportive parents who assisted all of our students. We wish all our students the very best of luck and may you always continue to Strive, to Seek and to Care with Heart.

The College awards academic prizes for outstanding performance at all year levels and a list of those recipients can be found below.

Class of 2023 Results
Year 12 Award Recipient 2023
Year 12 Indigenous Student Certificate of Merit (NT Board of Studies Prize)
Brodie Juffermans
Year 12 Certificate of Merit (NT Board of Studies Prize)
Iris Chenhall, Nilein Perera
Dux of the College
Iris Chenhall, Nilein Perera
Iris Chenhall
Japanese Continuers
Luke Phillips
Nilein Perera
Specialist Mathematics
Iris Chenhall
Mollie Walmsley
General Mathematics
Lani Zander
English Literary Studies
Harrison Fluerty
Legal Studies
Kaitlin McGrath
Modern History
Isabel Botkin
Madalynn McLaren
Isabel Botkin
Evelyn Holzmann
Kaitlin McGrath
Creative Arts: Media
Mollie Walmsley, Alexander Shaw
Music Studies
Iris Chenhall
Coco Cavalier, Mollie Walmsley
Kristy Wapper
Essential Mathematics
William Ohlmus
Mathematical Methods
Rebekah Dunn
Business Innovation
Connor Hester
Essential English
William Ohlmus
Ensemble Performance
Kelisha Freminot
Music Solo Performance
Kelisha Freminot
Material Solutions
Jesse Hansen
Physical Education
Daila Rowling
Health and Wellbeing
Lani Zander
Visual Arts Studies
Taryn Clark
Community Studies
William Ohlmus
Science Achiever Award
Lani Zander, Naomi VanDenBerghe
Mathematics Achiever Award
Amelia Napier
Economics Achiever Award
Sacha Freidel
Modified SACE Achievement Award
Daniel McAnulty
College Captain’s Leadership Award
Elaine Ncube
Principal's Award for Dedication to Duty
Naomi VanDenBerghe
Christian Leadership Award
Rebekah Dunn
Niko Becker Award
Khalil Love
Mr Shaun Student Community Service Award
Jordon Humphreys
King Constantine Award
Lilly Bloomer
Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award
Elaine Ncube
Future Innovators Award
Nilein Perera
Brad Morris Award - for being an outstanding mentor to younger students
Coco Cavalier
Member for Braitling Community Service Award
Kaelin Love
Australia Day Student Citizen Award 2024
Ruby Leembruggen
Butcher Award for Outstanding Effort
Evelyn Holzmann
Member for Araluen Leadership Support Award
Daila Rowling
The Minnamurra Hall Drama Award
Kristy Wapper
Liani Nappi Arts Award
Iris Chenhall
Dr Bruce Reid Memorial Award - for initiative and creativity
Iris Chenhall
The Heaslip Award; 'In Pursuit of Excellence'
Nilein Perera
Outback Achiever 2023
Jo Nixon

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